Day 132

I do not feel compelled to report any more. That means progress for both of us. I go to work and feel I contribute instead of take up space. Dale stays home and works on projects he feels need to be completed.  He plans full days and has built some stamina, but it is slow. He is doing quite well, actually. If we did not know better, it would be just regular days, however, Dale must plan when he eats and where he can be within the hour because the food processes too quickly and causes issues. That limits being in public places for a time span. Doctors have not given much information on his constant diarrhea issues. Going back to work in about a month, will bring discomforts and careful consideration. When he speaks to his supervisor, he feels they are willing to accommodate his needs. That certainly helps the anticipation of getting into the work world again.

This is day 132 since bone marrow transplant. It almost seems like it happened to someone else. Immunizations begin in July, gently begin work mid-June, and Dale's oldest daughter and her family are moving back to the state! How sweet it is.

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