Dale, Dale, Dale

Dale just can't keep out of trouble in the health care world. For many weeks he has complained about headaches, multiple sinus infections, nose bleeds, and constant fatigue. He was given a nasal flush system several weeks ago which he faithfully uses, yet, the condition worsens. Yesterday, his temperature rose to 100.8° and his nose was swollen, red and feverish with immense pain. His balance was off, minimal energy, and a bit out of touch with reality.

Off we go to hospital.

Swollen eyes, nose and face, much improved from hours before photo. His temperature and pain levels have fluctuated through the night and day, up and down, then up again. His skin was pale and thin and did not retain normal colors until several hours of medications. His nose, face, and eyes have swollen. The nurse reported that his eyes look much better by the time the picture was taken. He doesn't look good to me. Feverish, clammy, and hurting.

They did x-rays for kidney and liver infections, blood and nasal cultures. So far, the only determination is that it is not a viral infection. The CT scan shows a lot of sinus blockage. After some pain medication, antibiotics, and eventually steroids, he will need to see an ENT for further investigation of the cause and the next step. I suspect there is a surgery in the near future.

The ER treated Dale aggressively as he is still prone to infections and other ailments. White blood counts are high--indicating infection, someplace. Tonight will be the second night of hospital stay. Hopefully, he will home tomorrow--he has chores to do around the home:)

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