Cycle 6/3B - 3rd Follow Up Appointment

02/10/09 – Today is day 16 of Cycle 6/3B and I had my 3rd follow up appointment. It ending up being a pretty long day> I arrived and the Cancer Center at about 10:30 AM where my blood was taken. When my counts came back there were again very low. My White Blood Count (WBC) was 0.8, My Platelets were 16, and my Hemoglobin (the protein molecule in red blood cells) was 6.9 (normal level is between 12 and 18). This all translated into me needing some transfusions today. Being I was going to be at the hospital most of the day I was also going to need to receive my IV antibiotics.

The IV antibiotics were given to me first. This ran for about a half an hour. Next I received a pre-med of Benadryl which ran about 15 minutes (I must add that this make me very sleepy). Then I received my platelets transfusion that ran about 40 minutes. Lastly, I received my blood transfusion which ran for 4 hours. By the time we got through everything it was about 8:30 PM. As I said above, this was a long day.

I am hoping that these transfusions are effective and get my counts up to where they are should be. My next follow up appointment is Friday, February 13th.

More to come…

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