Cycle 6/3B – 2nd Follow Up Appointment

2/6/09 – Today I had another follow up appointment. My blood counts have pretty much crashed. My white blood cell (WBC) count is 0.5 and my platelets are 12. Based on this I was given a platelet transfusion to help give me a boost. Also with my WBC count so low I will need to keep away from people and germs as much as I can. There will be challenges with this being my youngest daughter Alli is sick with mononucleosis. I must say that nothing is ever easy.

In the spirit of wishful thinking, I asked two questions today.

The first being “When will I be able to rejoin the population?” The answer was “certainly not today. Once your counts have rebounded and you have had your scans we talk about it”. My personal guess is that I would be looking at early March but only time will tell.

My second question was “when can I discontinue the low microbial diet, that I have been on throughout my chemo, and begin to be on a regular diet?” I followed up the question with “is there any foods I can include in my diet that will help strengthen my immune system and blood counts?” The answers were basically common sense. I can start a regular diet when my counts have rebounded for good. As far as what foods I should include in my go forward diet, there is no magic answer. The best thing is to eat well balanced meals that include all kinds of fruits, vegetables, protein, etc…. The more variety the better.

My next follow up appointment is scheduled for Tuesday, February 10th.

More to come…

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