Coworkers that care

Dale attempted to go to work on Friday--well--he got there safely anyway. Coworkers brought him home a couple of hours into the morning. A 100 mile round trip for two of them indicates to me that Dale became pretty sick (vomiting included) with continued weaknesses shining through on the job. The coworkers tuned into his needs and brought him home. Thank you to them. What comes first? Not feeling well enough to do anything, or not doing anything, therefore, not feeling well? Saturday, Dale repeated the same (vomiting with extreme fatigue) while at the grocery store, so we quickly ended the shopping, drove home, where he stayed with the remote all day long.

Dale tries to get to work, however, in the last three weeks, has not been strong enough to do so very often. Driving in his weakened state, is not a good idea, therefore, he works from home as best he can with computer communications, although not the same, works okay for now.

Insurance okayed the PET scan at a hospital just a couple minutes away. Hopefully, they will schedule him quickly, send information to his cancer doctor, and we will have an answer. In the mean-time, hang in there, Dale.

Is remission from mantle cell lymphoma over, or is there another cancer brewing inside him somewhere? Or what!?

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