Continuing progress

In my last post I was discussing aspects of the somewhat unexpected and/or potential difficulties that a cancer survivor may encounter when adjusting to life after cancer.  I indicated that my fatigue and my depression seem to be the only two latent symptoms that I sensed at that point.  Not wanting to leave everyone wondering about my current status, I am happy to report good progress on both fronts.

My doctors had indicated that it could take quite a while before my fatigue problem was resolved and that I needed to be faithful in getting regular daily exercise.  For the most part I have been successful in incorporating exercise into my daily routine, although I acknowledge that it could always be increased in intensity.  But overall I am definitely feeling much better than at any time since my treatments ended. Slowly but surely I seem to be gaining strength and my endurance is improving.  I still have a long way to go, and at times wonder how much of it is from my physical ordeal and how much is the fact that I will turn 70 next year.  But I am making progress and it feels good to feel good for a change.

On the depression front, shortly after my last post I had a regular visit to my family doctor and he prescribed a small dosage of an antidepressant, which has really proven to be beneficial.  My overall attitude and outlook have improved noticeably and I think that little daily pill 'is just what the doctor ordered'.  As the holidays approach it is good to know that I will be experiencing them more in the spirit of Bob Cratchit, rather than Ebenezer Scrooge.  And my family will no doubt appreciate it also.

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