Chemo Round #6

Just a short update for today, because my brain is mush and my hands are numb and tingly.

I had my 6th and final chemotherapy session last Friday, and it went about the same as the previous few. I guess it is reason to celebrate, because the first step of beating this cancer is complete. Now I have to wait a couple weeks for CT and PET scans, which will determine what's next; most likely radiation therapy.

This photo is me and my favourite nurses at the cancer agency; Michelle, Cindy, Terri, and Anna Maria. I'm still planning on dedicating an entire blog post to how awesome they (and all the others) are!

I am a mixture of emotions right now. I'm feeling strong and confident, because my oncologist told me that he was impressed with my level of health and fitness. I'm feeling proud, because one of the nurses asked me if I would consider speaking about how exercise and a positive outlook helps with the management of chemo, at the inauguration ceremony for the new wing at the cancer agency in October. I'm feeling a bit diminished, because chemo was becoming a routine, and as weird as it sounds I actually somewhat looked forward to being taken care of by the amazing nurses at the cancer agency every 21 days. By the same right, I am feeling thankful that I don't have to undergo anymore chemotherapy because it really does suck! I am feeling nervous, and perhaps even trepid, as I await my upcoming tests. What if the chemo didn't work? How long will I need to do radiation? What if my cancer never goes away? I haven't been thinking like this very much during the whole process, because I generally like to frame things positively, but this week is a little different. I'm sure by Monday I will be back to my usual bubbly self!

That's all I've got for now. I can't focus at the moment. If you want to see what chemotherapy does to the brain, go back and read through my blog posts from the beginning until now. The writing gets worse each time. I know things will eventually return to "normal", but I am hoping it's sooner than later because I hate not being able to express myself and communicate properly!
I will do another post sometime after September 27th when I have my test results. I promise it will be a great deal more comprehensible than this one. Oh man, am I ever going through Prednisone withdrawal today...
Thanks for reading,Christopher

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