Chemo Frustrations

Today I went in for Part II of my first round of chemotherapy. The reason I had to spread the chemo over two days is because the Rituximab is known to cause reactions, so the first time they administer it separately and slowly so they can monitor how my body is able to handle it. This photo is how I felt at the beginning. It is not how I feel right now. I was supposed to start at noon today, but just like Friday they were running behind. By the time I got into a chair and consumed one litre of a saline drip IV, it was getting close to 3:00 pm.

The Rituximab was fine at the beginning, but as they increased the speed of it, I started to have a bit of a reaction. My sinuses, eyes, nose, and throat felt like they were burning and it was hard to swallow. My breathing and heart rate were both fine, however.

I let the nurse know what was going on, and I was given an injection of Benadryl. Then she went away, and after quite some time she came back with the oncologist who said I was going to have to stop for now and come in tomorrow to do it all over again because patients need to be out of the agency by 6:00 pm and I wouldn't be finished by then.

I am extremely frustrated because another nurse had commented a few days ago about how I should try to get in earlier than noon because of how long the Rituximab can take. I took her advice and asked about it at my first chemo appointment, but was told that there was no room for me to come in earlier. I'm not sure why they would start me so late when they know it can take up to 8 hours to administer the Rituximab due to adverse reactions.

Now I have to do the whole bloody thing again tomorrow, but this time, starting at 9:00 am. I know I need to roll with the punches, but I'm pretty pissed off right now. Why didn't they schedule me to come in earlier today!??

The one cool thing is that they left the IV in my arm so they don't have to set it all up again tomorrow.


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