Chemo + a yucky virus= NO bueno!

It has been one week post chemo, and usually this is when I would start feeling slightly better from all of the grueling side effects of chemo...but as my "fantastic" luck would have it, I am laying in bed fighting off some sort of flu or horrible cold. It is one thing to be sick, but mix that with the awful feeling that chemo leaves on you and that equals one horrible combo! 

The frustrating part is that I have been so careful not to get sick. I sanitize and wash my hands like a crazy person, and have been super cautious not to touch public doors, etc. I was warned to be extra careful during chemo since my white blood cell count is low, but what do they expect people to do, live in a bubble? There is only so much that I can do to protect myself from getting sick, unless I strictly stay confined in my house at all times...which is not reasonable. I am already spending so much time at home, I have no idea how I could have gotten sick in the first place! On the days that I am feeling more like "myself" (which is usually a week & a half after each chemo session) I normally throw on a wig...yes I am trying to be funny...and I attempt to get out of the house away from my bed that I lay in so often watching t.v. and reading, and just run an errand, have lunch or dinner with my sister or boyfriend, or meet a friend for coffee. My energy level has dropped drastically, and I can't do too much without getting completely wiped out, but I like to take advantage of the times that I am feeling well enough to get out for at least a little bit. I have found out the hard way that I have to be careful not to "overdo" it. A few times I have run a few too many errands and ended up feeling so weak and tired that I have had to sit down right in the middle of an aisle at a store...stupid fatigue. 

My Oncologist has called in an antibiotic for me and I was told to take TheraFlu along with that...I am really hoping that helps with this darn cold or flu that I have since I am supposed to be walking in the Susan G. Komen walk on Saturday, and I am very determined to go...even if my sister has to wheel me in a wheelchair for those 3 miles! :)

I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful family that has helped me so much through all of this...especially my mom. I honestly do not know how I would be able to deal with this situation without her. The rest of my family has been so great as well...but you just can't replace the comfort of your mother. She comes to all of my appointments with me, offers to cook me whatever it is that I am craving, is always there for me to cry on when I am having a "bad" day and feeling emotionally drained from this whole situation, and she still sleeps next to me for the first couple of nights after every chemo treatment to check my breathing and temperature, and make sure that I am basically still She has taken such great care of me through all of this...and I am so thankful for her. I really do not know how anybody can get through this kind of sickness without having a mother just like her...she's the best!

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