Chemo #2....

I received my second chemo treatment on Thursday, and this one has definitely been harder than the first, both physically and emotionally. I have felt way more exhausted and weak, and experienced a lot of nausea...luckily I haven't thrown up, but the nausea feeling itself is pretty horrible. I have to take a steroid drug for 2 days after each chemo, and that makes me feel extremely restless even though every ounce of my body is exhausted and wants to rest, it's the worst feeling. I have also experienced the tingly hands and red cheeks again with this round. And my sense of smell is so strong, it's crazy. Luckily I've had no mouth sores, which people often experience during chemo.

And although I said I was looking forward to seeing my hair fall out, since that is a good sign that the chemo is actually working and killing cells...when I actually experienced it yesterday in the shower, I kind of freaked out a bit. It was a lot more emotional than I thought. I know it's just hair and it WILL grow back, but it is scary to actually experience it shedding. There was not a lot of hair coming out, but I noticed when washing my hair that it easily came right out of my head and into my hand. Everyone kept telling me that I knew it was going to happen, but it still doesn't make it any easier to deal with no matter how much you try and prepare yourself. Today I noticed even more hair in the shower, so I will soon be taking control of the situation and shaving it off.

I am happy that I now have 2 chemo treatments down, and just 6 more to go! I am now that much closer to being cancer free and healthy. None of this has been or is easy to deal with, but for now I just have to go through each step and do what I have to, in order to be well again.

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