Bye bye beard.

Back in the middle of July, after the first 4 or 5 chemo treatments, I began to lose some of my hair and my beard started to thin. Since I didn't have a lot of hair to start with, I didn't view this development as being all that significant.  But then it stopped about as fast as it started.  I figured that if I lost half my hair towards the end of Cycle 1, it was reasonable to expect that the other half would probably disappear sometime during Cycle 2.  Well I was partially right.  About 10 days ago I noticed that I was starting to shed more hair and my beard was getting even thinner.  I had been pretty much shaving my head after the first phase but the beard was just trimmed short.  Then the beard finally reached the point where it got so thin that it started looking scraggly, so out came the razor and shave cream.  Now there is just a little stubble on both my head and my chin.

 The shaver.
The shaved.
Maybe I should see if I can find a nice wig to wear, with a beard attached that would hang down around my jaw.  Sounds scary doesn't it.  Maybe I will just stick with the close shaved look.

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