Bone marrow transplant one-year report

Saturday, January 5th, was Dale's one year bone marrow transplant birthday. In the past two weeks he completed several health tests checking levels and that he is still in remission. PET scan, lungs, hearth, blood test, etc. all indicated he is doing okay. Okay means that he has a small spot by one lymph node. It is enough to mention, yet not to be concerned with-yet. His lungs function at about 68% which is down from previous tests. He will continue to be on the 90 day check ups to keep ahead of the cancer for at least another year.

The BMT doctor reiterated that most (over 50%) mantle cell lymphoma patients have a relapse in the first two years after transplant. Once it comes back, he will need a bone marrow transplant donor since the auto-transplant won't work. His system will be too compromised and its immune system will need help from a donor. Until that point, we continue with every day stuff.

Dale was pleased with the report, however, I can see why he feels an urgency to work on his bucket list.

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