Blogging Naked

This blog title was suggested by a wonderful woman/friend from my church. It's not as it sounds! I mean I am blogging and I am naked...wait - I guess it is as it sounds. But not for reasons you might think! Though who am I to know what you are thinking? For all I know you're thinking that I'm sitting butt-stark-naked in a bath of ice cold water while blogging because I can't get my hot flashes under control. Good call you! But you're only half right.

I started blogging naked long before menopause hit me. Naked blogging started when my muscles started hurting so badly after chemo that all I wanted to do was sit in a tub of hot water and soak all day. And so that is exactly what I started doing. I would read while I soaked. Sometimes (and never on purpose) I would sleep while I soaked. I finally figured out one day that I can make this a productive operation. The picture you see here is the set up I've done. Not too shabby, eh? (Pointing finger to top on my head...more than a hat rack my friends)

The menoblogsoak (TM Sheri) is still a work in progress. When a hot flash hits, I hightail it to the bathroom and fill my giant soaker tub full of cool water while I quickly move over my laptop, cell phone, house phone, ice cold drink, snacks and music. Spike, of course, supervises the entire operation by barking the whole time...I'm not sure what that's all about, but the system seems to work for us. After I'm completely set up in the tub, and Spike is locked out of the bathroom area - I get to work. Important items done first - figure out what bath salts to use (check!) Make sure entire body is wet by twirling in tub like a mermaid (check!) Wonder if I locked the bathroom doors so no one can see me twirling in tub (dang!) Stop twirling (check!) Daydream (check!) Think about what to blog (check!) Wonder how it's even humanly possible to sweat while sitting in a tub of cold bath water, but yet I am! (check!) Check facebook (check!) Check emails (check!) Check odd looking mole on knee and remember to ask doctor about it next time (check!)

Finally down to business. Or not. I'm tired of being in the bathtub now. I want to go to bed. Tomorrow - blogging in my jammies (aka blogging.)

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