Blog Ideas Please!

I just wanted to write another short update for today to say that I haven't actually been feeling quite as bad during this third round of chemo, for whatever reason. Maybe it's going to just hit me late this time? As of this morning, however, the stinging mouth pains I usually experience from Days 3-7 and the confusion and tiredness that happens at the same time are pretty subdued. I've been spending a good amount of time outdoors going for walks, lying on the beach (in the shade, with a hat and sunscreen, Mom!) and eating healthy. I still can't exert myself though; I went for a 3.5km walk last night and felt quite loopy when I got home.

Aside from that, the Prenisone didn't seem to make me as grumpy this round either, but it has made me swell up quite a bit. I'm not sure if you can tell in this photo (which was me trying to win Tragically Hip tickets on "Tank Top Tuesday" from The Zone 91.3 FM)  but if you look at my arms, my normal muscle definition is pretty much gone; not from losing much of it, but from the surrounding tissue expanding. Ugh, feeling bloated is uncomfortable.

I'll finish by asking... does anyone have any ideas for my next post? Questions about the treatment or side-effects? Maybe about what's going on in my mind during this whole experience? Questions about cancer in general, or what it's like to be a patient at the BC Cancer Agency? I need some ideas, so ask me anything in the comments and I will expand upon them in my next entry!

Thanks for reading,

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