Blacking out and stumbling

In a couple of weeks, Dale will have his six month check-up with all the tests, lungs, blood works, PET Scan, perhaps bone biopsy, heart, and anything else they think he may need. He seems weaker daily and reports he that feels like he is smothering and has painful legs and feet. My main concern comes from another incident.

As we walked home from church yesterday, (about a block away) Dale stumbled and blacked out or blacked out and stumbled. I do not know which came first. He rolled down onto the grass, however, he was out for a few seconds. Although the color did not leave his face and he recouped quickly, it is never a good thing when one passes out. I was able to help him get up off the ground and home, but he felt light headed the rest of the day and slept several hours after the incident. He remained home Monday, making it without incident but he slept many hours of the day.

Dale's weakened state concerns me and panics him. If more happens before next doctor's tests, I will write again, but I anticipate more of the same, just a bit worse, and suspicious test results.

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