Biopsy Delayed

2/25/13 – I arrived at Hackensack University Medical Center at 8:00AM. I was directed to my room, told to put on my hospital. A nurse soon came in put a needle in my arm for an IV and told me that I would be brought down for the procedure at 10:30. My wife Sue and I then watched some TV with all the shows recapping what when on at the Oscars. It kept us entertained as we waited. After about 90 minute a doctor from radiology arrived and advised us that the procedure would have to be cancelled. Apparently the mass was in the middle of a series of blood vessels and arteries and that it would be too high a risk to go in with a needle. God forbid the needle hit an artery, it could have turned catastrophic and I could have bled out. After hearing this, I was very agreeable. Should the hospital have known this before I checked in? Absolutely! But, to look at the positive side of this, thank God that someone double checked this before they started.  I mentioned to my wife that I was “lucky” that someone caught this. Sue said, “isn’t it funny how we have learned to redefine the meaning of lucky”. After all, I am lucky that I get scanned as much as I do. Here I have a 5 centimeter mass in my chest with no symptoms. If I wasn't scanned, who knows how large it would have gotten and how many other masses would appear before they made their presence known. I truly believe that these “silent” tumors are the reason dealing with cancer is such a challenge. By the time they are discovered, it is often too late. And yes, I am “lucky” that I get scanned regularly. It makes you want to ask: what about all of the people who are not “lucky” enough to have had cancer in their past? What is done to help detect the early onset of cancer for them?

Anyway, I was able to meet with a thoracic surgeon while in Hackensack. Her name is Jenifer L, Marks M.D.. What a wonderfully pleasant and reassuring person. And her staff was remarkable as they went above and beyond to squeeze me into her schedule today. I am now scheduled to have a surgical procedure with her on next Monday, March 4th. It sounds like I will be in the hospital for a couple of days. With this procedure they will make a couple of small incisions in my right side. A small video camera will be inserted so she can see where she is going and not have to deal with the risked that we faced today.
Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.  Romans 12:12
More to come…

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