Big week ahead.

This coming week marks the beginning of Cycle 4, hopefully my last chemotherapy cycle.  Of course it takes seven weeks to complete each cycle, so I won't finish until the 2nd week of December.  That seems a long ways off, but history says it will go by quickly. Sometime near the end of December, I will go through another round of testing to reassess my status, and that is when the decision will be made whether I proceed on to bone marrow transplant, or start a new round of chemotherapy.  Hopefully Santa will bring me a totally clean cancer report, and give me a gift certificate for one successful bone marrow transplant - the things you wish for !?!?  And yes, the jolly old man is coming to visit all the good little girls and boys in only 44 more days.  Can you believe it?  Have you started your Christmas shopping yet??

This coming Monday is also the day of Eliza's surgery.  She too will be at Duke, just a couple of buildings away from the Cancer Center.  Monday she has her surgery and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I have chemo treatments.  Eliza's parents, Adam and Annie, will be staying in a hotel nearby until she is released from the hospital, hopefully about Friday of next week.  At that point they will bring her here to our home in North Carolina, just 1 1/2 hours from Duke.  That is much closer that the 4 hour drive to their home in South Carolina, and will be much more convenient for followup visits after her release.  Fortunately we are all pretty good at "going with the flow", so much like my cancer, we will take things one day at a time.  The family motto for my cancer is "We're going to beat this", and that seems fitting for Eliza and her situation - we're going to beat this too.

I know that I don't even need to ask, but please keep the Davis family in your thoughts and prayers next week.  We all put our trust in the Lord, but we are human and have been known to worry a time or two.

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