And the doctor said...

Our appointment with Dr. Beaven was at 12:00 noon today, but we had to feed the vampires in the lab at 11:00 so we left home at 9:45.  By the time we saw the doctor and completed the treatment, and then drove back home, we arrived at our little castle at 7:30.  A ten hour day.  But we have learned that when we have to head north to Duke, we just block off the whole day to allow for traffic, schedule changes, etc.  However long it may have taken today it was worth it to hear her say that the bone marrow biopsy came back clean and the official PET scan report indicated significant recovery, with the exception of one lymph node.  Good news to be sure. Back when I was diagnosed on June 6th, there was a bone marrow biopsy performed and the results indicated a 30% involvement of the marrow - not good.  But today's results, just 16 weeks later, indicate that the bone marrow is clean, indicating no evidence of cancer.  That is major!!  The PET scan, when compared to the one taken back in late May, shows significant improvement.  It does, however, show that one lymph node in my abdomen has not responded to any noticeable degree.  The doctor said that she sometimes sees this with T-Cell Lymphoma, and if it does not respond after 2 more cycles, we will consider other options.  I asked if that would be radiation and she said that it would most likely involve another chemo drug.  So we just need to concentrate our prayers on that stubborn node.  No need to drag this process out any longer than needed, and that remaining lymph node just has to go.  Our daughter Jill said some time back that in her mind she was picturing all of these little pacman heads scurrying around eating up all of the cancer cells.  Well, we still need some of them continuing their reconnaissance and attack operations, but our main force needs to be squarely focused on that remaining stronghold.  No time now to let down our guard.  We have the enemy on the run, and we're going to beat this.

Praise be to God for His faithfullness and His loving kindness.  He has heard our prayers and answered the petitions of our hearts. Praise His holy name.

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