A Quick MDS Update

3/8/16 – With all the twists and turns of my life it seems like plans fall through more often than not. Since I was at the cancer center on Friday I have been feeling feverish and achy. After meeting with the medical staff from the Transplant team it ends up that I most likely have the flu or rhinovirus.
Dr. Rowley did stop in and he said that now that he has had a couple of days to think about my situation that it would be his preference to put off me meeting with the Leukemia doctors for a while. Instead, he would like to redo the bone marrow biopsy in another 5 weeks. Also, just because I am not meeting with the Leukemia doctors doesn’t mean that they are not aware of me and my case. Dr. Rowley plans to review my case with them this week.
So what’s next? We will continue to treat my ITP. I will get IVIG and an NPlate shot on Friday, March 11th. Oh… by the way my platelets were 50 today, which is fantastic. Also, we are going to start looking at when we can begin treating me with PD-1 (Opdivo). It would seem that the very positive results being seen with this is cause for me to start receiving it sooner versus later.
It comes down to trusting that my doctors know what they are doing,… and then of course there is me putting this all in God’s hands.
And those who know Your Name put their trust in You, for You, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You.Psalm 9:10  
More to come…


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