3rd chemo down...

I had my third chemo treatment on Thursday, and it has been really rough on me...so I am going to keep this entry short. I have felt more sick to my stomach and nauseous than the other two rounds, exhausted, and my esophagus has been burning horribly when I eat almost anything that is not "bland," which has caused me to stay awake most of last night in pain that I have never experienced before...not fun. Now I don't want to use this blog as a way of just complaining about how horrible all of this is, but I do want to show the reality of everything that I am experiencing...the best that I can. 

I do realize how much worse my situation and side effects could be, so for that I am VERY fortunate, and am trying to remain optimistic through all of this. The good thing is, I now have another chemo down...and just 5 more to go! 

Thank you SO SO SO much to everyone for all of the great support! I would not be able to get through any of this without all of you helping me through it. It is amazing just how many great people I have surrounding me and wishing me well. I am so appreciative of that!!!

Here are some pictures from my 3rd chemo treatment. I had my mom and dad with me :) 

My dad getting comfy while waiting in the chair across from me :)Waiting to get pumped full of yucky drugsMy dad and I :)
This is the time I normally catch up on my celeb gossip :)My mom and I :)       

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