2011 MCL Symposium

Anyone who had read this blog should know of the admiration, respect and gratitude I have towards Dr. Goy so when I received a phone call from one of his Research Nurses the other night, inviting me to the “2011 MCL (Mantle Cell Lymphoma ) Symposium” I immediately said “YES, I will be there!”.
This great event will be held on: Saturday, November 12, 2011 at The John Theurer Cancer Center in Hackensack, New Jersey and it will include experts from all over the world sharing their view of what the future looks like for Mantle Cell Lymphoma survivors like us.

So when you read: “Join Us as Internationally-Recognized Experts Share the Latest in Treating and Managing Mantle Cell Lymphoma Does this interest you? If it does, here is what the day will include:

2011 MCL Symposium Agenda: Saturday, November 12, 2011

8:00 AM to 3:30 PM
·         Complimentary registration, breakfast and lunch SYMPOSIUM AGENDA 8:00 - 8:30 AM ·         Gathering & healthy continental breakfast buffet with smoothie station 8:30 - 8:40 AM Andre Goy, M.D., M.S., Chairman and Director of The John Theurer Cancer Center. ·         Opening remarks and introductions. 8:40 - 9:40 AM Elias Campo,M.D., Ph.D University of Barcelona, Spain ·         Understanding the Biology and Prognostic Markers of MCL. Stratification of patients by genetic and biological markers. Update on the identification of new targets for therapy and the potentials of tailoring treatments to individual patient needs. 9:40 - 10:40 AM Jorge E. Romaguera, M.D.M.D., Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX ·         R-Hyper-CVAD, conventional and emerging frontline chemotherapy regimens for both younger/fit patients and for older, or transplant ineligible, patients. The emerging role of consolidation and maintenance therapies in management of MCL 10:40—10:55 AM ·         Coffee Break 10:55 - 11:55 AM Christian Geisler. M.D., Ph.D. Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark ·         Impact of high dose frontline therapy with autologous stem cell transplant on outcome: the Nor-dic Group’s experience. Molecular remission and the potential benefits of monitoring minimal residual disease after complete molecular 11:55 - 12:40 PM ·         Lunch 12:40 – 1:40 PM Scott Rowley, M.D. John Theurer Cancer Center, Hackensack, NJ ·         Options for Relapse or Refractory MCL. Are autologous stem cell transplants better in a frontline setting? Progress & the role of the mini-allo, or reduced intensity,non-myeloablative allogeneic transplant. 1:40 - 2:40 PM Andre Goy, M.D, M.S. John Theurer Cancer Hackensack, NJ ·         Toward Cure and Less Toxic Treatment: Emerging and Novel Therapies for MCL. Exciting new directions and the most promising targeted treatments – single and combination therapies – cur-rently in development and clinical trials. 2:40 - 3:10 PM David Miller, 9-year MCL Survivor, Aspen, CO ·         Perspectives from an Expert Patient and Long-Term Survivor. Optimizing survival and health through healthy lifestyle and cutting edge nutrition. What is the role of the informed patient from diagnosis through long-term survivorship? The best ways to become an informed patient. Opti-mizing communication with your oncologist and becoming a valuable member of your healthcare team. Is a clinical trial right for me? 3:10 - 3:30 PM ·         Farewell remarks
If you are interested in attending or learning more about this event please see below:Registration: 
 For more information or to register please email Ms. Ewelina Jakubowska at:
[email protected] 
or call at 201-996-4469
You can also register online at: http://www.jtcancercenter.org/site/event-view-pagemantle_cell_lymphoma_symposium
The John Theurer Cancer Center is located at: 92 Second Street, Hackensack NJ 07601

I plan to post my next update after I get the results from my next scans which are scheduled for December 12th with me getting the results on December 16th. Of course if I have any news to report I will enter an update sooner.   More to come…

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